Orphan Train Rider

Orphan Train Rider
Oliver Nordmark - Age 15 - Esbon KS

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Day #8 - There's No Place Like Home....

Oh boy...heavy rains with thunder, lightening, and high winds through the night, turned into tornado warnings early this morning. Then the skys cleared for a good part of the day, only to become even more dangerous this evening. There are tornado warnings all over Kansas, as I type, with the potential for baseball size hail as well. Would that break a windshield? I'm guessing YES. Well, I'll put on my "Scarlet O'Hara persona and simply say, "I'll think about that tomorrow!" Hopefully I won't hear any sirens in the night, since I wouldn't know what to do anyway!
I began my day at South Middle School where I was met by a very enthusiastic and friendly crowd of 120 sixth graders and their teachers. Many of the students had read the first and second books and some had even started the third. Pictured above is my new "son" who was chosen from the orphan train line up to come home with me during the presentation. Thank you Samuel for your good spirted nature and willingness to play along. (I promised you you'd be on the blog tonight, so here you are!)
After a quick lunch, I traveled to Sunset Elementary School for two visits with 5th and 4th graders. Seemed like a pretty light day compared to yesterday! This evening I enjoyed a delicious steak dinner with my hosts then retreated to my hotel room to wait out the storm. Here's hoping we don't lose power....not to mention the roof!


Anonymous said...

You're in Kansas now Dorothy! WOW! That would scare the crap out of me. Tried to call you back last night, but you weren't there. I'll try again tonight. Love Ya.

Yaya' s Home said...

Whew! Did you bring Toto? Mother Nature has her own set of rules, doesn't she? Hope things are good.

You should'a thought to bring a storm shelter with you, ey? *grin*

Be safe.

~ Yaya
Yaya's Home