Orphan Train Rider

Orphan Train Rider
Oliver Nordmark - Age 15 - Esbon KS

Saturday, May 1, 2010

DAY #17 - Some Things Never Change!

On our second full day together, Karen and I are rediscovering some old traits of our youth. For those who don't know...Karen and I were best friends in high school. After school we lost contact with one another and only recently (2 years ago) reconnected after 32 years! We were amazed and pleased to find that we quickly stepped right back into our friendship without skipping a beat...although we had a lot of catching up to do!
Well, Karen is now remembering just how stubborn I can be...."We don't have to stop for gas yet - even though it's totally on "E" - we'll be fine. That gas is a mile off the highway, we don't want to go that far off track, and besides it might be cheaper at the next place." (Karen meanwhile is thinking.....She does NOT want to deal with me if we run out of gas!)
I, on the other hand, am remembering....through example....that Karen can be a bit like Mary Poppins. What does that mean, you might ask? We love Mary Poppins..she's magical and she solves all the problems in the house right? Well....yes that's true. But, she also did that, "Spit, Spot, Come now Jane and Michael, hurry along!" thing.
Karen is up at the crack of dawn and the MINUTE her feet hit the floor she is in motion. Crazy me, what was I thinking that we would get up when we woke up and get a shower and enjoy our coffee while doing a little web surfing while we planned out the day's travel. OH NO! "I'll just take your bags down to the car," she said. Meanwhile I'm thinking.... I'm not done with that, what's the hurry. Then she says, "I'll go and get you coffee and bring it up while you get a quick shower....you don't need to wash your hair do you? Before I was out of my "quick" shower, Karen had returned, left coffee on the table, filled the cooler with fresh ice, restocked the food from the fridge, and carried most everything to the car. "I'll just wait for you down in the dining room -I'll have bagel - no rush." In other words, "Spit Spot Donna!"
Well, I did the best I could...resigned myself to a "bad hair day" and hustled down to the dining room, where Karen announced to everyone in the room..."okay, I'm ready!" So....I grabbed a yogurt and a spoon and spit spotted my way to the car so as not to upset "Mary"!
Just so you know...I am not a total pushover. Tomorrow morning...Mary Poppins is loosing her umbrella (I won't say where I'm putting it, but you can just imagine) and I will be calling the shots....even if it means resetting the clocks to make her think it's 4 am instead of 6! Even MARY doesn't get up that early! And frankly, after looking at this picture of my road weary car....maybe I'll send her out to the car wash here in Wheeling WV tomorrow morning to keep her busy while I take a little more "morning time." Spit Spot, Karen!!
P.S. For those who were anxiously awaiting our new country song lyrics.....we gave it our best shot, but what we ended up with was just not suitable for publication here on the blog....know what we mean Debby????


Yaya' s Home said...

Sooooo funny. Sounds like when my good hubby-buddy and I travel. He is SO rarin' ta' go and I am there for the duration. Believe me, if I were the one runnin' about, instead of the slow one who would be left behind, I would SO make him walk. LOL

~ Yaya
Yaya's Home

Joan said...

Travels with you and Karen could be a book, you know