Orphan Train Rider

Orphan Train Rider
Oliver Nordmark - Age 15 - Esbon KS

Saturday, March 20, 2010


Many, many thanks to Joany Erickson of "Yaya's World" http://yayashome.blogspot.com/ for her enthusiasm about my books and her clever way of bringing some attention to my newly started Blog.

WELCOME to all those who are now following ORPHAN TRAIN HISTORY from Joany's blog and GOOD LUCK on the contest to win a set of my books!

I hope you enjoy reading my posts and that you will learn about part of our country's history that has, for too long, been in the shadows.

And now..... the teacher/presenter in me can't help but give you a homework assignment! After reading the posts here on my blog (best to start at the beginning to understand the entire story), go out and find one person who has never heard of the Orphan Trains and tell them all you know about the era! Feel free to report back about the amazed reactions you encounter upon "teaching" a friend or relative about this missing 75 year social experiment!


Joan said...

Yikes, 75 year experiment! Really?!?!

Yaya' s Changing World said...

Wow! I hadn't thought of it in quite that light, before, but I guess it really was an experiment, wasn't it? Oh, those poor, poor children.

~ Yaya
Yaya's Changing World

Mrs. Gertha said...

Stopping by while partying and I am now a follower!!! Fascinating content:-)